Cloth Diaper Reviews

Since more of my friends are getting pregnant, I’m getting more and more questions about certain decisions I’ve made for my family. It got me thinking, and I have to imagine they’re not the only moms with questions like these. So today, I’m going to talk about my number one most asked about topic, cloth diapers!

Using cloth diapers is actually very simple and straightforward and I knew I wanted to use them from the get go for multiple reasons such as how they’re better for the planet, they save money, and they’re incredibly cute. Picking out the supplies I needed for this venture was easy (trashcan, spray shield, spray attachment) where I got hung up however, was which brand and what type of cloth diaper to choose. With so many options available today, the decision quickly becomes overwhelming. To that end, I am making this review as short and as simple as possible. These are all brands that I have bought and used personally and my experiences while using them. Shorter, one minute long, video commentary for each brand can be found on my Instagram under highlights. All diapers I have used are pocket, one size fits all, except for GroVia where I used the Hybrid Snap Shell and the No-Prep Reusable Soaker Pad. With that in mind, let’s get started.

Ranked in 5th and last place is Alva Baby


  • Cheap. At $8-$9 a diaper, this was the least expensive option.
  • Cute patterns and many options to choose from


  • No double gusseting
  • Giant gap where hip and leg join
  • Not very absorbent
  • Outer material is not sturdy
  • Insert detaches completely from diaper with no easy way to put it back in. Every time I tried, it took about 2 minutes to put it correctly back into the pocket without bunching
  • Does not snap as small/large as the other brands

In 4th place is Bambino Mio


  • Cute patterns
  • Velcro (tight, custom fit)
  • Easy to put insert into pocket
  • $20 a diaper


  • No double gusseting
  • Leaked almost every time
  • Insert is attached to the diaper so you have to hang dry the whole thing

In 3rd place is bumGenius


  • Leaked less than Alva Baby and Bambino Mio
  • Fits well


  • Not double gusseted
  • $30 on Amazon
  • Not a large color/pattern selection, the patterns that are offered aren’t very cute (in my opinion)
  • Weird double layer fold over pad is difficult to spray down
  • Pads are attached to the diaper

In 2nd place is GroVia


  • Double gussets
  • Extra absorbency options
  • Less laundry/less to carry in wet bag
  • Fleece padding makes it soft and super absorbent
  • Very durable outter


  • Limited patterns
  • When poop leaks out of pad (happens rarely) it gets everywhere because shell is not very absorbent
  • Snap shell + Pad is about $17 on Amazon, extra pads (which you need) are $17 as well

In 1st place we have Rumparooz


  • Double gussets
  • Adorable prints and colors with new releases every so often
  • Fleece inner
  • Increased absorbency options
  • Very durable outter


  • About $26 a diaper on Amazon and extra absorbency (microfiber 6R soaker pads) are about $6 a piece
  • The fleece lining can make baby sweaty
  • Have to be extra careful when spraying out the gussets because sometimes poop gets stuck in them

If I could do this all again, I would have only bought GroVia and Rumparooz. They are honestly leagues ahead of the other brands I’ve tried and I attribute this all to the double gusseting and the fleece/microfiber combo they utilize. If you would like to experiment with other brands, I would make sure they at least provide double gusseting.

One last thing I will add as I wrap this up (haha get it??), is that none of these worked well for my daughter before she turned four months old for three reasons.

  1. While wearing them, they made her bow legged because the crotch of the diaper was too wide for her tiny hips (she was 21in long and 8.2lbs at birth).
  2. The padding in the diaper caused her back to be in a constant arch whenever she was lying supine.
  3. Newborn poops are fast and furious. Its just so much poop all at the same time and its so frequent, that disposables were what we had to do during those first few months. The disposables also leaked during that time, just less than the cloth.

Also, the reason all of the diapers I chose are pocket (except for GroVia), one size fits all, is because the ease of disposables appealed to me. I didn’t want a lot of extra work and the pocket/hybrid diapers don’t create any. You do have to spray them out and wash them, but it honestly takes no time at all to do.  

So, there we go. I’ve always hated reading long drawn out reviews, so I hope this was succinct yet descriptive enough. If, however you need to know more, please ask and I will update this accordingly!

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