Self Care and Motherhood: More than a Quick Fix

Self care, it’s a big buzzword right now in the mom world, but what does it actually mean? Images usually paired with this word tend to include: bubble baths, painting your nails, shopping, a girls night out, but what is the reality of these images? They all look fun and inviting on the surface, they … Continue reading Self Care and Motherhood: More than a Quick Fix


Recipe: Southern Strawberry Shortcake

Its summertime in the south and that means two things, strawberries and sweat. We’re firm believers in the motto, "if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it" (and why would you? You’d just sweat more). So that’s why we’ve taken our classic buttermilk biscuits, dressed ‘em up a bit, and use them instead of the traditional … Continue reading Recipe: Southern Strawberry Shortcake

My 7 Favorite Books For Pregnancy – Babyhood

The books I’ve read this past year look pretty different than my usual repertoire. As I’ve prepared to have a baby, gotten pregnant, given birth, and navigate raising my daughter, these have been my favorite helpers. Here’s why you should read them too! 1. Women Who Run With the Wolves - Get in touch with … Continue reading My 7 Favorite Books For Pregnancy – Babyhood